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Old Town of Prague

The Old Town Square is one of two main squares in Prague.  With its ancient buildings and magnificent churches, this is one of the most beautiful historical ciites in Europe. The Old Town Square dates from the 12th century and started life as the central marketplace for Prague. Over the centuries, buildings of Romanesque, Baroque and Gothic styles were erected around the market, each bringing with them stories of wealthy merchants and political intrigue.

The many bridges in Prague

We visited Prague in 2009.

Parliament of Budapest

The Parliament of Budapest, also known as Hungarian Parliament Building, is located on the Danube shore of Pest, and it represents one of the most important symbols of the city. The structure has different architectural styles, from Neo-Gothic to Neo-Baroque and Neo-Renaissance. About 100 000 people were involved in construction, during which 40 million bricks, half a million precious stones and 40 kilograms (88 lb) of gold were used.

The Parliament of Hungary

We visited Budapest in 2009

Saxon Switzerland National Park

Saxon Switzerland National Park is a National Park in the German Free State of Saxony, near the Saxon capital Dresden. It covers two areas of 93.5 km² in the heart of the German part of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, which is often called (the) Saxon Switzerland. There are over 400 km of hiking paths, 50 km of biking paths, and 755 climbing locations with around 12,600 possibilities of climbing routes within this park.

The “Bastei” which was a wooden bridge constructed to link several rocks for the visitors in 1824, but this was replaced in 1851 by the present Bastei Bridge made of sandstone.

We visited Saxony Switzerland National Park in 2018.

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