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Tromeja Triple Border Hike, Slovenia

We were on a 7-day road trip in Slovenia in June.

Triglav National Park area

After a visit at the postcard-perfect, romantic Lake Bled area (see separate post), we headed northwest to the Triglav National Park area.

Triglav National Park is named after Slovenia’s highest mountain, Mt. Triglav, a massive mountain, at 2,864 meters, dominating the Julian Alps.  Featured on the Slovenian flag, it is a source of national pride and identity, and it is said that to be a true Slovenian you need to reach the summit at least once. Since we are not Slovenians, our hiking plans can be less ambitious.

Approaching Kranjska Gora

Our plan is for the Tromeja Triple border hike, an easy 2 hours hike up Mt Pec (1,510m) to the triple border of Austria, Italy, and Slovenia.  We based ourselves in Kranjska Gora, a town in northwestern Slovenia, close to the Austrian and Italian borders. Kranjska Gora is a ski resort in the winter.

Kranjska Gora Town

In the summer, hiking, cycling,  and mountain biking are the popular activities.  Summer  being quieter, our accommodation , in a spacious apartment in the heart of town, was rather convenient and budget friendly.

The town has quaint colorful shops, nice restaurants and coffee shops, but most of all, the scenery is breathtaking from every vantage point.


To start our hike, we drove to Ratece, a village at the bottom of the Mt. Pec, to begin our Tromeja Tri-border hike.  Ratece is in the far northwestern corner of Slovenia, just a few kilometers from Italy.  The weather was sunny and mild during our hike.  The hiking trail was marked, steep in some parts, and had a number of hairpin turns.  Although this is a popular hike with locals and tourists, we did not meet any other hikers during the hike.  We did encounter a few mountain bikers on the trail though.  We reached the summit of Mt. Pec in just over 1 hour.  At the summit we met a super friendly German hiker; he was very excited that we completed the hike.  Unfortunately, we could not communicate too well with this gentleman.

Friendly German

Triple Point

After a brief rest, we bid farewell to the German gentleman and walked over to the official “triple point” marker, where three countries, Austria, Italy, and Slovenia borders meet.  The view over the three countries, all at once,  was not only unique, but truly spectacular.  There are many kilometers of hiking trails all around stretching into Austria and Italy.

Chair lift from Austrian village

There is a small chair lift to the summit originating from a small town on the Austrian side, which explained why there were more people, including young children at the summit, versus the numbers we encountered on the hiking trail from the Slovenian side.

Mountain Hut

After we finished admiring the views, we headed over to the nearby mountain hut for refreshment.  The mountain hut served hot food, coffee and beer, with inside and outdoor seating.

After our cold beers, we spent another two hours exploring the various trails at the summit.  Then we hiked down the mountain, returning via the same trail as the uphill hike.

What an interesting and memorable hike!

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