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Notes for Bangladesh Travel

Travel notes for Bangladesh

In spite of the obvious poverty, there is minimal begging, touts, or scams. We felt safer with our possessions than in a large European city.

Hotel personnel, restaurant staff, shop keepers, and young people all speak some English. They are generally helpful.

Traffic is indeed horrendous. The average driving speed is 7 kilometers per hour. Not only will you need to allow plenty of time to travel to your destination, you will need to be very patient.


  1. Tanvir Ahmed

    Nice to read your Bangladesh experience. Come back to Bangladesh again.

    • Susana

      Thank you. My trip was too short. I do hope to come back to see more of your country.

  2. Nice to read your travel experiences in my Homeland! I wish to travel more and I found a new travel destination; your blog! Thank you for sharing your steps.

  3. Barb Gingrich

    I’m really enjoying your travel blog. Keep up the great commentary and information.

    • Susana

      Thank you for your kind words Barb. I hope you and Dave are doing well and exploring the world in between your golf games.

  4. april olson

    Hello Tom and Susana,

    Susana, did you write this? It sounds as if it were lifted from a Travel Guide so if you did write it I think you have your next profession all picked out! Thanks for sharing, April

    • Susana

      Thank you for your kind words. It is even surprising to myself that I am enjoying writing thoughts as we travel.

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