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Hiking Brunswick Mountain near Lions Bay

This is a pictorial blog on my hike to the summit of Brunswick Mountain this past weekend.

Brunswick Mountain is the highest of all the North Shore peaks in Vancouver, and as such, it has incredible views in all directions including Howe Sounds and its islands, The Lions, Brunswick Lake, Sky Pilot Mountain, Mount Harvey, and Grouse Mountain. The narrow summit has a 360 degree panoramic view that is truly one of the best in Vancouver.

But the hike to the summit is not for any inexperienced hiker, nor for anyone that is afraid of heights. The final approach is very steep and exposed, and requires scrambling, hiking down loose shale rocks, and crossing narrow ledges. A slip at the wrong moment will spell disaster.

The hike is 14.5 km round trip, with an elevation gain of 1,550 meters. The highest point is at 1,788 meters, and requires 7-9 hours.

I have captured the essence of this hike by the following series of photos.

The stats on this hike, plus the GPS track

Trail starts in the village of Lions Bay, off the Sea to Sky highway

Crossing Magnesia Creek

Starts to get steeper 1/3 way up

Coming up to the “saddle”

The saddle, and the path leading up to the summit of Mount Brunswick

Looking over on the other side of the saddle

Climbing from the saddle to the first outcrop

Passing through the outcrop, with only a narrow ledge

Then we have to hike down this steep and treacherous narrow path on loose shale rocks with exposure on both sides

Luckily, the experienced leader guided us one by one for each of our foot and hand holds

Then we have to walk around this gigantic granite rock right in the middle of our already narrow trail, and there was only a very narrow ledge for our feet to stand on, with our hands holding for our dear lives!

Final approach to the west summit, via another narrow ledge in the “no-fall” zone. Steep drops would be unforgiving.

A photo of us taken at the summit from another hiker who got there first. It shows the narrow path with loose shale down on the ledge, and then turning right to scale down another 10 meters to cut over to the trail to the final summit

A photo of us taken at the summit from another hiker who got there first. It shows the narrow ledge that we had to maneuver

A very good view from the summit showing the path to get there (from where the furthest person is standing)

At the west summit

Rugged mountain, with the Coast Mountain range in the background

A wooden helicopter landing pad a good place for lunch, with views of the east summit

Amazing summit views – looking down on the Lions, with downtown Vancouver in the background

3 small lakes behind Mount Brunswick, looking north

West Summit of Mount Brunswick

Nice lunch break

Time to leave. Not much space on the ledge.

Very exposed on this ridge

Climbing back up to the first high point

Hiking up to the first high point before going down the mountain

We took turns taking photos on this outcrop before the final descent

My turn

Great photo

Group photo before heading down

Going back down, after a tiring but adventurous hike to the summit of Mount Brunswick, the tallest mountain on the North Shore of Vancouver.

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