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Free stopover in Kuwait City, Kuwait

Kuwait Airways was one of the airlines that fly from Dhaka to Tehran, our next destination. This was a golden opportunity to have a free stopover (18 hours) in Kuwait City, one of the Middle East countries we have yet to visit.

Our ticket is from Dhaka to Tehran with an overnight stopover in Kuwait City

Kuwait, an Arab country on the Persian Gulf, has rich history dating back to antiquity.  Kuwait City is known for its modern architecture, from modern skyscrapers to the stylish Kuwait Towers.

In recent history, it is known for the Kuwait War when Iraq, its neighbor, under leader Saddam Hussein, invaded Kuwait on August, 1990.

Here are the highlights of our brief stopover:

Driving in from airport – Kuwait City’s skyscrapers

Kuwait’s most famous landmark, the Kuwait Towers, is by the waterfront (the Cornish)

View from the Kuwait Tower viewing platform just before sunset

View of the beach and Persian gulf from Kuwait Tower viewing platform

Viewing platform was busy since it was Saturday

Soccer game on the beach

Further up the beach is family amusement and food outlet area

These fried balls covered in syrup was the most popular item at the food court

Benches and tables for eating food, drinking sodas and tea

Further up the coast is this lagoon with many yachts and boats

Beside the lagoon is this up scale shopping mall

Kuwait Towers: each sphere of the Towers is covered with 55 thousand iron plates of 8 brightly beautiful mixed colors, reflecting the colors of the sky and the sea both equally

A quick glance at the Grand Mosque on route to the airport next morning

A big sign with instructions at the visa area at the arrival hall

Kuwait provides Visa On Arrival  (VOA) so it was easy for a quick visit.  We had filled out an on-line application in advance and received a preliminary approval, for completion upon arrival.  But if you did not do this step in advance, the entire VOA process can be completed upon arrival at the airport.

Please note the visa stamp machine does not give change.  It is 3 Kuwait dinars per stamp (~9 USD).  There is an ATM machine next to the visa stamp machine if you do not have the required dinars.

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