This is an online diary of our lives re-imagined.

We are your typical Canadian suburban parents who have/had office jobs, raised a family, and saved for retirement.  Our previous travels and life adventures consisted of Western Europe, Hawaii, drives across Canada and USA during our twenties. Then with a family, it would be Disneyland, Disney World, cruises, and trips to Mexico and Las Vegas.

We are now at a stage of our lives where we can re-imagine our lives.  We can now bring forward those back-burner list of ideas to pursue, to create the adventures we only dreamed about on those gray Vancouver days in the office.

We have been sharing our activities over social media with our friends.  The most common question appears to be “what is your favorite destination?”  With this blog, we can answer this question and more.  We will share with you our thoughts, discoveries, or suggestions, whether it is a bike ride to a new place, a hike into the mountain, a sports tournament in a new city, or our passion of world travel across the globe to see new countries, cities, cultures, nature and world wonders.

It is our sincere hope that it may even inspire a few people to re-imagine their lives, filled with unique and exciting adventures.


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