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A Very Long Day to the Summit of Coliseum Mountain

Nice lunch with a view, and it's chilly at the top

Coliseum Mountain was the last major summit of the North Shore mountains that I have not done, so I was anxious to tackle this summit before the summer is over and the days got shorter, as we need a day with long daylight to complete this hike.

We had attempted this mountain back in 2015, but we had to turn back half way through due to rain and no visibility . This time, the weather was perfect, a cool and cloudy start, but clouds lifted at the summit.

Our friend Ian joined with us for the hike.  We started at 7:00 am, and arrived at Lynn Canyon Park by 7:30. But my lack of detail concerning the location of the trail head got us to walk over the Lynn Suspension Bridge, and then realizing that it would be a long walk to to the trail head, adding close to 2 more km to an already super long hike.

Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge – we went to the wrong starting point for our hike to Coliseum Mountain

We drove our vehicle to the proper Lynn Headwaters Regional Park parking lot, and by the time we started the hike, it was 2 minutes past 8 am.

This is proper entrance to the Lynn Headwaters, Metro Vancouver’s largest regional park.

The historic BC Rice Mills House at the entrance of the Park

The first hour and 45 minutes was a flat trail along the Lower Lynn Loop Trail which runs parallel with Lynn Creek to the left. This portion of the trail consists of a wide gravel road with little elevation gain. This trail keeps going for 7 km, passing the Third Debris Chute until the junction to the Coliseum Mountain trail.

Walked 1 hour & 45 minutes (7 km) along the Lynn Creek trail just to the start of Coliseum Mountain climb

Below are the photos with captions to show the rest of our hike. I have now completed the following mountains of the North Shore: Brunswick, Harvey, Lions, Black, Hollyburn, Strachan, Fromme, Grouse, Dam, Goat, Crown, Lynn, Coliseum, Seymour and Elsay.

The very steep section to Coliseum Mountain summit begins here

The backcountry terrain is very rugged with lots exposed tree roots, creek crossings, fallen trees, muddy sections, and should be attempted for experienced hikers only.

A nice pond before the final ascent to the summit

More steep sections after the Pond, but were rewarded with the first glimpse of views to the east (Mount Seymour range)

Hoping the clouds will clear up for the 360 degree views

The tree thin out and we have a good look at the face of the mountain. Still another 15-20 minutes of climbing over these large boulders to the summit.

Getting to the 5 hour mark of continuous hiking, but another 15 minutes to go

Last 10 minutes

Made it to the summit, at 2,035 m, for a total of 1,245 m elevation gain and after 5 hour 20 minutes.

Found a good spot for a lunch break.

Nice lunch with a view, and it’s chilly at the top

View of the summit from our lunch spot

Taking photos and enjoying the views after lunch

The landscape on the summit, and looking southeast

Looking north, Mount Burwell and Cornett Lake. Lake Burwell is further north.

The Needles and Lynn Peak. We can see as far south as Port Roberts, USA to the south, and Vancouver Island to the west.

Looking west – Fromme, Grouse, Dam, Goat, Crown, Zinc & Echo mountains

Couldn’t afford a long lunch break, as we have long ways to get down. The Seymour Reservoir is now clearly visible after the cloud lifted.

A long 3.5 hour hike down to the junction near North Van Falls. Now, just another 1 hour 45 minutes to walk out along the flat trail.

Back at the trail head and looking back to where we had hiked to. Total distance hiked was 23 km and almost 12.5 hours including lunch and rest breaks. It was almost 8:30 pm at the parking lot.

The GPS route to summit of Coliseum Mountain



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